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Have you planned out your marketing strategy for Black Friday? Where are you going to promote your top Black Friday deals? Discover the best places to list your offers!

Are you ready for November 24? We suppose that you have already planned your marketing strategy and your promotional campaigns and that you have installed the right applications so you can optimize your store for conversions during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Promoting your deals before the first Black Friday deals kick in is really important. Why? Simple, because the competition is huge and if you want to attract as many people as possible and maximize your sales, you need to inform your potential shoppers what your store is offering. By investing your time and effort in getting your promotions and deals out there, you could earn:

  • New and free organic sources of visitors, sales, and profit.
  • The chance to get in front of eager shoppers who are looking to buy something and save money at the same time.
  • A potential backlink to your website.

If you haven’t done anything, don’t worry, as we are here to help. We are going to present you the best last-minute places you can use to list all of your offers.

Black Friday
  1. Reddit – Their community is pretty kind when it comes to marketing and promoting deals and offers for business purposes. The problem is that there are people who complain about the fact that some deals are not used in the right context. In order to avoid complications, make sure your context needs are relevant, specific, and clear to the audience. Keep in mind that you will be taken more seriously if you are posting from a legit account with an established history. Another thing that can also work in your favor is being transparent about the fact you are an entrepreneur and you are owning a business.
  2. Facebook Groups – Believe it or not, Facebook can come to your rescue. If you want to promote your Black Friday deals and offers, one of the best ways to do is to use the power of Facebook Groups. Looking for Facebook Groups specially dedicated to Black Friday shopping deals and Cyber Monday sale is a perfect place to start.
  3. Deal Websites – There are some great deal websites where you can list your best Black Friday offers. RetailMeNot is a well-known destination for deals, coupon codes, and Black Friday specials. PromosPro is another great place you can list your offers and get them in front of online purchasers who are looking for the best coupon codes. If you want, you can submit your store along with your offer. Besides these websites, you can also check MyCoupon, Coupon Chief, PromotionCode, and CouponShutter.
  4. Honey – All smart shoppers, do a quick Google search for discount vouchers and codes before they purchase anything online. Honey is a popular Chrome extension that generates discount vouchers and codes for online buyers, giving them instant access so they don’t have to spend their time and hunt for them.
  5. Forums – The online forums are another place where people share Black Friday shopping tips, deals, and coupon codes. The best thing about the online forums is that they are allowing you not just to drive traffic to your shop but also create a discussion around your store and your Black Friday offers.

It is important to have marketing tactics for Black Friday if you want to achieve certain goals and sell as many products as possible. If you have great offers, set up a tactic, and get some visibility for your Black Friday deals!

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